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The mission of our Security Guard Company to serve you with ease and affordability by providing protection and security through elite, trained guards at any hour of the day or night. Our security company strives to provide professional service, exceed client expectations, and create peace of mind for our valued customers.
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guardNOW serves the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

GuardNOW is your first and best choice for a Security Guard Company that you want providing you with respectful and highly-trained guards at your home, business, or private/public event. Our Security Guard Company offers the fastest and easiest way to hire guards, with the ability to be dispatched directly to you in a matter of hours; with cutting edge, innovative technology for clients to use to order guards at their convenience.

We have built a thriving business around protecting residential, vacation homes, investment properties and the precious families that reside there. Our event security service stands above any other security company in the industry. Whether you are looking to protect your office staff or your family safe and secure. GuardNOW is committed to supporting whatever your security needs are at your home, office or venue.

Security Guard Services For Employee Termination
Security Guards for Office & Property Managers
GuardNOW security guards often accompany office and property managers when serving… more >>
Temporary Security Guard Services for Industrial Facilities
Commercial Buildings and Venues Security
Our security guards patrol and monitor office buildings, office parks, event venues, industrial warehouses… more >>
Residential Security Services
HOAs and Multi-family Buildings Security
GuardNOW security guards monitors and patrols neighborhoods, apartment buildings, parking… more >>
Party Security Guards
Security Guards for College and Private Parties
Our security guards often monitor guests lists and ensures guest safety. Protecting guests… more >>
Event Security Guards
Bars & Nightlife Security
GuardNOW security guards often monitors patron and property safety. Managing the guest list for party goers and safe departure of… more >>
Construction Project Security Guard Services
Security Guards for Construction Site
GuardNOW security guards monitors construction sites, during site off-hours preventing… more >>
Wedding Security Guard Services
Security Guards for Weddings and Receptions
GuardNOW security guards often monitor gift areas, guests lists and guest safety. Keeping out wedding… more >>
Security Guard Services for Conventions & Conferences
Public and Private Events Security
Our guards maintains & secures press areas, VIP entrances and facilities. With the use of our… more >>
Security Guard Services for your Open House or Foreclosure
Home Monitoring Security
Security guard services monitors client homes on a regular basis while on vacation and extended business trips. GuardNOW even… more >>

Our security guard company provides the fastest way to book guards nationwide!

GuardNOW provides on-demand security guard services for events, facilities and individuals giving its customers the comfort and safety of knowing that their events, staff members, families and assets are being protected by the most innovative and fastest growing private security services firm in the nation.