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Our security guard company provides the fastest way to book guards nationwide!

guardNOW provides on-demand security guard services for events, facilities and individuals giving its customers the comfort and safety of knowing that their events, staff members, families and assets are being protected by the most innovative and fastest growing private security services firm in the nation.

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Security Guard Services For Employee Termination
Security Guards for Office & Property Managers
GuardNOW security guards often accompany office and property managers when serving or delivering property eviction notices and employee termination notices. Ensuring safe and proper exits from company property. more >>
Temporary Security Guard Services for Industrial Facilities
Commercial Buildings and Venues Security
Our security guards patrol and monitor office buildings, office parks, event venues, industrial warehouses and more. With the integration of our advanced indoor GPS technology systems, we can respond to criminal and unwanted activity in less than 5-seconds. more >>
Residential Security Services
HOAs and Multi-family Buildings Security
GuardNOW security guards monitors and patrols neighborhoods, apartment buildings, parking areas and building lobbies. Giving residential community members added relief and safety 24 hours a day. more >>
Party Security Guards
Security Guards for College and Private Parties
Our security guards often monitor guests lists and ensures guest safety. Protecting guests from inebriated guests, unplanned violence and unwanted crashers. more >>
Event Security Guards
Bars & Nightlife Security
GuardNOW security guards often monitors patron and property safety. Managing the guest list for party goers and safe departure of intoxicated patrons. Preventing violence and property damage. more >>
Construction Project Security Guard Services
Security Guards for Construction Site
GuardNOW security guards monitors construction sites, during site off-hours preventing equipment, supplies and material theft. This ensures construction projects can be completed on time and under budget without distraction. more >>
Wedding Security Guard Services
Security Guards for Weddings and Receptions
GuardNOW security guards often monitor gift areas, guests lists and guest safety. Keeping out wedding crashers, preventing theft and ensuring guest safety, giving the bride added relief on her biggest day. more >>
Security Guard Services for Conventions & Conferences
Public and Private Events Security
Our guards maintains & secures press areas, VIP entrances and facilities. With the use of our high tech indoor GPS systems, we can monitor attendee safety and communicate with over 500,000 guests in real-time. more >>
Security Guard Services for your Open House or Foreclosure
Home Monitoring Security
Security guard services monitors client homes on a regular basis while on vacation and extended business trips. GuardNOW even performs well-checks on loved ones while you are away. more >>

Having Choices is A Remarkable Thing

Get the Security That Matches Your Needs and Budget

Saves you Time to Hire a Guard

Saves you Time

GuardNOW security guard company helps you live smarter, and more secure. Giving you time and comfort to focus on what’s most important.

Our Security Guards are Insured and Licensed

Safety First

At GuardNOW, we conduct in-depth federal grade background checks and in-person interviews on all guards. Verifying all licenses, permits, criminal records and psychological examinations. Every guard booking is also insured up to 1,000,000.00 for added peace-of-mind.

GuardNOW Security Guards are Highly-trained Security Professionals

Only the Best Quality

GuardNOW guards are highly-trained security professionals enhanced with innovative security technology, who are also periodically and continually tested and trained for executing the best decisions in high-stress environments.

Easy to use and Clear Pricing Security Guard Services

Easy to use. Clear Pricing. No Hassles.

For the first time ever, since 2011 our customers have been able to order their own private security at the touch of a button. Our simple flat-fee pricing is completely transparent-making the experience much more enjoyable. Discounts given for long-term or regular use.

Seamless Communication for Security Guard Services

Seamless Communication

Your safety and security is our primary concern. We offer clients two-way communication and mass mobile notifications to ensure streamlined communication in the event of crisis. In order to continue to improving our services, at the end of each mission, clients can rate their experience and leave additional information.

Cash-free Payment Security Guards

Cash-free Payment

With a GuardNOW security guard company, you will never worry about having cash on hand. Customers have the option to pay securely online or through our web app. Commercial and long-term clients can also be set-up on reoccurring billing for added convenience

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Current and Past Clients of guardNOW

Security Guards Provided for Whole Foods
Security Guards Provided for Rite Aid
Security Guards Provided for KPRS Construction Services
Security Guards Provided for Kim Kardashian
Security Guards Provided for H&M Clothing Stores
Security Guards Provided for DOSS Logistics
Security Guards Provided for Alpha Phi

Testimonials – what people say about us

I’ve had guardnow secure many of my parties and concerts, they have helped not only reduce rowdiness, but also provide demographics of my audience.
Mike D., Powerhouse Promotions
Guardnow provides security to about half of our portfolio of apartment properties, and 2 parking lots. I can say that they communicate outstandingly regarding incidents and our tenants feel much safer with their presence.
Patrya N., Noor Property Investments
I had a wedding in a public park and guardnow did a great job keeping people from walking into my wedding. They even safely escorted my drunken guest to a separate area to not disrupt our reception.
Jessica R.
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GuardNOW hires servicemembers and veterans as security guards