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Over 278,179 people Have Been Protected by guardNOW, Because our Commitment is to Be the BEST Security Service in the US.

Security Services for Business and Residential Clients

guardNOW provides on-demand security guard services, for all types of events, focusing on giving its customers the ease of mind knowing that all their security needs are being met. Whether you have a wedding 6 months away, a birthday party this weekend or need a guard to monitor a house tonight, guardNOW provides the best Security Service.  Our customers rest assured knowing that an experienced and reliable security guard company will be there protecting their investment and loved ones.

Private Security Guard Patterson

A Reliable Security Guard Service

Our security guard company offer provide you with the high quality security guards in the Los Angeles, Stockton, San Francisco, New York City and more areas. Many of the clients we have worked with in the past include celebrities like Kim Kardashian and business executives and private citizens.

We make it our mission to keep the paparazzi away and protect you from potentially intrusive encounters with expert security guard services services.

Unfortunately most people do not realize how important security is until it is too late. Our security services ensure that you are always in the forefront of our mind. We want to protect you from potentially harmful encounters. Being in the public eye is always a stressful situation and our security guard services are available to ensure that your peace of mind is intact.

Choose the Best Security Guard Company

The stress of not having the right Security guards available to protect your company should not be something that you have to deal with. Our security guards have formal military training or come to us as current police officers. They have integrity and a dedication to the client that no other security company can offer. We have protected thousands of clients and can anticipate the problem or potentially harmful situation before it actually happens. guardNOW security officers provides the most effective security guard training needed to protect you from threats.

Dignitaries, celebrities, executives, and private civilians call upon our security experts to provide them with the private security that they need from our security guards. Our security guards are highly respected and strive to keep that reputation. Security Guard Services are not all the same, and we understand that are dedicated to our client’s safety.

On Demand Private Security Guards

Need last minute private security guards for your eviction, or other immediate need? Our security company focuses on providing last minute security guards so when the time comes for a security guard you know who to call. Services we offer are:

Our security company hire guards work weekends, overnight hours, holidays-basically anytime that you need us our security guard services will be there. We enforce the rules and regulations that you have set down for your party no questions asked. It’s like having your very own personal squad of former military personnel and current police officers at your disposal. It’s better than that it is a team of dedicated private security guard services from GuardNOW.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS – what people say about us

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Read some of our event security tips for venues:

event security guard services tips The Venue (Girl Version)

We can ensure that your party goes off without a kick. It’s the amount of time that it takes you to create a great party that makes us aware of how much more we need to protect it. Event security guards is important whether you have 10 high level clients or 500 party goers, you will need a group of event security staff to go through your event and help you get the work done as you need it. We have a plethora of options to protect your event.

We know that you have to keep control of the event, and make sure the event runs smoothly. We offer you that peace of mind. Our business is aimed at solely protecting you and yours. Everything should be running smoothly by the end of the night. Our event security guards will evaluate the site, and ensure that your guests are well cared for.

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More Testimonials – what people say about us

“These guys are the best in the business!”

“I needed reliable and well trained security at the very last minute for a party I was having. I couldn’t have had a more efficient and professional security team for the night!”

Mike D.
Amazing customer service! Both Zabi and Mike were courteous and very communicative. We called Guardnow to get us to and from a concert we attended last Sunday at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Our security guard was more than punctual – he was early. It was a great feeling to know that we could enjoy an evening in Pasadena and not worry about having to worry about our safety as we were exhausted from dancing the entire concert! Guardnow service took very good care of us, are very accommodating, and professional! 5 STARS!
Patrick S.
We hired guardNOW for a private corporate event. One of the guardNOW managers came the day before the event to assess area and to make necessary recommendations. The pricing was fair, we got high quality service. The guards were professional, well trained and were able to follow specific instructions. They were dressed clean, polite to the guests and they most certainly knew what to do , what to cover for us! We were very happy with the service provided with guardNOW, we will continue to use them for our future event needs.
Jack L.