Need a Security Expert for Reporting, Interviews, or Expert Witness?

guardNOW provides a list of internationally known security experts that work throughout the country who are often contacted by the media for different subjects such as security guards, workplace violence, answers to security questions, and crime prevention.

Most of our security experts are available to the media and for presentations. Our experts have been featured on live broadcast interviews, in popular magazines such as OK magazine, local news stations and newspapers nationwide, as well as television shows like Keeping up With The Kardashians, and The Mel B show. Press Room

If you need to speak to someone about any aspect of security guard services we have a host of professionals on hand that would be more than happy to help you. guardNOW security guard experts are have a history of being an authority when speaking about crime, security guards for parties, events, evictions, burglaries, universities, and much more.

Meet Our Security Experts

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Gabriel Galeano our New York City security expert spent over 30 years in the New York city Police Department. He is fully trained in firearms, tactical training, incident management, criminal investigations and much more. He currently works out of New York, and is fluent in the Spanish language.


2012 10 15 08 39 07 370 300x261 Need a Security Expert for Reporting, Interviews, or Expert Witness?Joe “Luke” Jr. spent over 13 years in law enforcement, 4 years of which was with the military services USAF and two years with the Pentagon Police, and another 8 years with the Department of Homeland Security as a Federal Police Officer. Luke has worked as a patrolman, investigator, tactical team member, accident investigator, riot control team, and field training officer. Luke currently is our Northern California security expert.


Nathanial Brown has worked in law enforcement as a police Nate picture 293x300 Need a Security Expert for Reporting, Interviews, or Expert Witness?officer and detective for over 17 years in Los Angeles, including Long Beach PD. His various capacities included investigating minors to solving criminal investigations. Nate also has a bachelor’s degree in business management and is currently pursuing a master’s in business administration. Mr. Brown is our security expert in Southern California.


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"after the hurricane hit, we needed security guards immediately to watch our property while we got everything back up and runnin. thank God for you, otherwise we wouldve been in trouble! ill never forget your help and youll always be our go to company anytime we need security. thanks a million"