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The mission of guardNOW® is to serve you by providing affordable, elite, and well-trained security professionals, 24 hours a day. Our security guard services exceed client expectations and create peace of mind.
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Unarmed Security Guard Services

Unarmed Security Guard Services

Our standard guards are licensed and trained to keep your events, properties, and guests secure at all times. more >>

Equipped and Armed Security Guards

Equipped Security Guards
Equipped to secure high-risk individuals and places, these guards are ideal for evictions and sporting events. more >>

Executive Protection Security Officers

Executive Protection Security Officers

Our highly-trained tactical officers specialize in crowd control, combat, and executive-level protection. more >>

Vehicle Patrol Security Services

Vehicle Patrol Security Services

Vehicle patrol services create a visible security presence good for properties, seniors, vacationers, and construction sites. more >>

We offer the following services:

guardNOW serves the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

GuardNOW is your first and best choice for a Security Guard Company that you want providing you with respectful and highly-trained guards at your home, business, or private/public event. Our Security Guard Services offers the fastest and easiest way to hire guards, with the ability to be dispatched directly to you in a matter of hours; with cutting edge, innovative technology for clients to use to order guards at their convenience.

We have built a thriving business around protecting residential, vacation homes, investment properties and the precious families that reside there. Our event security service stands above any other security company in the industry. Whether you are looking to protect your office staff or your family safe and secure. GuardNOW is committed to supporting whatever your security needs are at your home, office or venue.

How Many Security Guards Do I Need

A question that’s commonly asked by many people is how many security guards that they should have for their event. It’s a legitimate one, as it can often be very challenging to determine just what might be an appropriate number of guards to have in order to keep the event in order and to keep your risk to a minimum. Read full article and use our table to determine how many guards do you need.

Our security guard services provides the fastest way to book guards in Los Angeles or nationwide!

GuardNOW provides on-demand security guard services for events, facilities and individuals giving its customers the comfort and safety of knowing that their events, staff members, families and assets are being protected by the most innovative and fastest growing private security services firm in the nation.

We provide security guards everywhere in Los Angeles Metro

The Los Angeles Metro area is considered the second largest metro in America, and that means in the Los Angeles Metro security guards are always on the lookout for suspicious activity. Despite being such a vast and large city, Los Angeles Metro security guards don’t have to patrol one small crowded square, the metro has nearly five thousand square miles of land, all in areas which could benefit from Equipped private security guards.

The Los Angeles Metro area is a very prominent part of downtown LA, and security guards from GuardNOW have been called there many times in order to safeguard events, employee terminations, as well as small parties. Our security guards are familiar with the urban Los Angeles Metro area and are able to provide reliable security services.

Los Angeles Metro residents love having GuardNOW protect and secure their events. GuardNOW is now giving the great area of Los Angeles Metro the chance to have your own GuardNOW! GuardNow has the best Security Guards and has been protecting and securing people for all types of events and situations. Whatever you may need or want GuardNOW for we are there for you. Give us a call today for more information!